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• Arthritis Treatment
• Longevity
• Diabetes Symptom
• Emphysema Relief
• Energy and Weight Loss
• Fibromyalgia
• Lymphedema Treatment
• Prostate Cancer
• Hypertension Reduction
• Sports Oxygen Therapy
• Multiple Sclerosis
Pain Relief
• Lower Back Pain Relief
• Sleep Apnea Treatment
• Relieving Stress
• Stroke Recovery
• Lose Weight


TestimonialsIncluded in the list to the left are a sample of the Chi Machine benefits, treatments, and relief from symptoms that have occured as a result of our clients using the Chi Machine. I offer testimonials from our actual clients and brief descriptions of benefits on most testimonial pages. Our clients' first hand testimonials speak for the Chi Machine, HotHouse, SOQI Bed, and many more of our products and how they have helped our clients.

My satisfaction comes not only from telling people what wonderful results can happen when using the Chi Machine and our other products, but hearing back from so many satisfied clients who have told of their results that did occur. In my experience all my clients have had an improved quality of life using the Chi Machine and other HTE products.

Please contact Joffrion Mitts today for a consultation so you can start enjoying a better quality of life. like our other clients have described: (504) 897-9670 or email