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Sports Oxygen Therapy

Chi Machine Benefits

Although the Chi Machine and the far infrared dome can provide dramatic health benefits for your overall physical well being if you’re unable to perform physical activities, it can also augment physical activities which you are already doing.  In fact, some users have noticed dramatic results in their daily walking routine or in playing their favorite sports by using the Chi Machine.

While blood and oxygen circulation increases throughout our bodies with exercise, the Chi Machine for sports can provide oxygen therapy at home while at rest.  Home sports oxygen therapy is vital in relieving stress as well as aches and pains that often make exercising difficult.  

Another useful instrument in addition to using the Chi Machine for sports oxygen therapy is commonly known as the HotHouse which allows Far Infrared Rays to penetrate through the skin and improve circulation, increase blood oxygenation, improve one’s metabolism, and remove toxins throughout the body.   This machine is shaped like a dome and is referred to as a far infrared dome or a HotHouse 

It’s important to never underestimate the importance of the Chi Machine or a HotHouse for your sports oxygen therapy.  As the testimony below will show, the Chi Machine can help you perform better in your sports and general physical activities whether that means taking a brisk walk or partcipating in competitive sports. 


I did it - 26.2 miles! I was so excited I had actually completed my first marathon. That was in January 2001. I realized then I was hooked and had found a new passion to pursue. I was able to achieve that goal then and continue even today with the help of the Chi Machine. That's the excitement I now share with others daily.

I was first introduced to the Chi Machine by my sister. She was thrilled because the Chi Machine had dramatically improved the circulation in her legs and increased her energy level.  My mother had undergone brain surgery four years earlier and afterwards had a very limited quality of life. After using the Chi Machine for eight months, her personality came back! I realized I needed my own Chi Machine.

In the summer before my 50th birthday when I was introduced to the Chi Machine, I received information in the mail about participating in a marathon - something I had certainly never considered before. I learned that coaches would help with my training and I would have the opportunity to meet new friends, travel, and enjoy plenty of exercise as well. In addition, I would be helping many people by fundraising for a wonderful cause. I decided to accept the challenge!

As I began training, I was using my Chi Machine numerous times throughout the day, slowly increasing the length of each session. I had always enjoyed power walking and as I began getting into the longer distance trainings, I found that by using the Chi Machine before and afterwards, I was not experiencing the aches and pains so many of my fellow team members were. I also found I was sleeping better at night since it relieved stress and provided total relaxation to my body. During training, I surprised myself and began alternating jogging with my walking which was something I had never done before. I was also experiencing much more energy than usual because of the increased oxygenation the Chi Machine provided. My Chi Machine has traveled with me to all of my marathons. I was actually having so much fun with my new adventure and success that I decided to branch out to other types of fundraising events, including a century bike ride (100 miles) and a triathlon.

Today I am currently training for my 13th marathon and know I would not be continuing to pursue this passion if it weren't for the fabulous Chi Machine. I highly recommend the Chi Machine to everyone - not just those planning to do a marathon!

Janie Mitts Moore Houston, Texas