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Chi Machine Benefits

Stress is a condition virtually everyone lives with and too often copes with by trying to alleviate it in unhealthy and counterproductive ways---too much food, smoking, an increase in alcohol use, and not enough exercise.  Who would argue that one of the ways to relieve stress after a hard day at work is to curl up on a sofa with a beer, pizza, and watch television for hours?   Yes, it is a comfortable position to be in to end a hard stressful day.  But is it healthy?  No.  It’s much easier to settle into a sedentary life instead of exercising regularly to improve circulation and oxygenate the body to relieve stress.  If it’s difficult or impossible for someone to exercise, using the Chi Machine can help provide anxiety relief.  It is also a useful instrument in relieving stress.  Using the machine for about 20 minutes a day can help alleviate stress by lying down on the floor or a table, placing your ankles in the ankle cradle, and allowing oxygen to flow through your body. 

When trying to relieve stress by using the Chi Machine, it’s also helpful to have soft, soothing music playing in the background and allow your mind to focus on situations that remind you of quiet, peaceful situations.  Deep breathing is also effective in reducing stress while you’re using the machine.  Focusing on your breathing is also instrumental in alleviating stress. 

The following testimonial explains how using a machine can be a useful tool in alleviating stress.  


About one month ago, I had one of the most stress-filled days I've ever had. I was walking across the parking lot on my way to my office. I felt really stressed due to an accumulation of things happening throughout the week that caused extreme pressure to build up. I thought, "This must be what it feels like to have a heart attack." When I reached my office, I asked my brother not to let any calls go through to me.

I closed the door, lay down on the floor to use the Chi Machine, set the dial for 20 minutes, and went out like a light. When the machine shut off, I woke up for a moment and fell right back to sleep. About 15 minutes later, I woke up feeling calm, not stressed, and to my surprise, I was very docile the rest of the day. No pill could have had that wonderful effect so quickly.

If you have a loved one who is constantly under stress, you need to get them a Chi Machine. Stress will shorten our life—it's a proven fact. If you could keep someone from having a heart attack, what would it be worth to you? You almost can't put a price on the Chi Machine.

Anyone that owns a business with employees could improve job performance and have happier employees if they made a Chi Machine available daily for 15 minutes of time out. Think about it!

Bob Nelson, St. Paul, MN