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Chi Machine Benefits

There is hardly anyone who has not suffered any type of physical ailment thoughout life.  There are physical discomforts such as back aches that require medical treatment or minor irritants, such as sinus headaches, that never seem to go away.  There is also long term depression – a condition in which many types of therapies exist.  Some treatments are more successful than others.  While these may be common ailments, many would find it hard to believe that a small device known as the Chi Machine can help bring relief from pain and discomfort caused by accidents and by the aging process.  However, many users of the Chi Machine have reported that using it provides sinus headache relief and knee pain relief.  They’ve also reported that it can relieve depression.  By lying on your back either on the floor or on a table, and setting your ankles in the machine’s ankle cradle, you can use the machine for a few minutes at a time and a couple of times a day to gain the oxygenation benefits from using it.  The machine improves your blood circulation and oxygenizes your body, allowing for your body to heal from pain.  The following testimony gives us a good example on how effective the Chi Machine can be.


In 1995, I was in a car accident and was hit from the rear. Two years later I was in severe pain, and the doctor said, "You need surgery now or you will be paralyzed." During the surgery I had a fusion and a metal plate put in my cervical vertebrae. After the surgery I didn't have the pain in my right side anymore, but I had pain in my left side. When I slept, I had major pain in my lower back. When I’d go to sleep at night, I would go from the sofa to the bed, and to the sofa and to another bed because I couldn't sleep due to pain in my shoulder all the way down to my lower back. I would wake up in the morning with pain and lived with the pain throughout much of the day.

In 2001 somebody told me about the Chi Machine that helped heal backaches, pain, - you name it – and I said, "I want one." So I called Joffrion Mitts. I asked her about it, and I said, "Order me one now!" I started doing my Chi Machine. I used it for four minutes, three times a day.  As each week went by, I would increase the amount of time I used the Chi Machine.   Every time I was hurting, I went and got on the Chi Machine. I faithfully did my Chi Machine every day and worked up to a week and a half to two weeks without pain!

Four years later,  a chiropractor adjusted me on my metal plate and damaged a nerve in my neck. I cried my eyes out for days. I was doing the Chi Machine for eight minutes which was helping relieve the pain.   But because it wasn't healing the nerve, I went back down to two minutes.  Within a couple of months, that nerve was totally healed. In the past, I couldn't sleep on my left side because my whole side would go numb. With the Chi Machine all of that is gone. I can sleep with no numbness and no pain! The Chi Machine gives me energy too!

Terri Snow
Ponchatoula, LA