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On March 10, 2008, a friend of mine asked me to sit in on a presentation for the Chi Machine and give her my opinion of it. She said all she knew was that it was a form of oxygen therapy, and her doctor suggested she take a look at it. After meeting Joffrion, the representative demonstrating the Chi Machine, and trying it for the first time, I asked questions like how much and when could I get started! I was excited because my results were instant and continuous. I immediately felt more energy and vitality. I started becoming more active in the exercise routine I had just begun that day. I started losing weight and feeling good, and the results just continued getting better and better. I went from running twice last year to almost every single day since using the Chi Machine. Heck, the very first day I "cycled" on the CHI MACHINE about 8 times. It was love at first cycle.

In just a few short weeks, I purchased a SOQI Bed and became a Supervisor Level Distributor and really started reaping the benefits of the Far Infrared (Thermal) Therapy from the HotHouse, the Oxygen Therapy from the Chi Machine and the Meditative Music that plays from within the bed and enhances your meditative experience. Meditation is certainly a tool that must be on everyone's agenda.

After sharing machine after machine with friends and like-minded people, the E-POWER was introduced to me by Joffrion, and my results started to skyrocket and continue to surprise me. In just 2 1A months of using the SOQI BED (Chi Machine and 3 HotHouses) and the E-POWER, my waistline went from 40" to 32"! I soon was promoted to Manager Level Distributor and won my first free trip to San Diego, CA. I would encourage everyone that reads this to try a CHI MACHINE, learn how to correctly cycle with it, keep it for a week and enjoy the benefits.

John Rebstock Metairie, LA.