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Chi Machine Benefits

Of the many conditions in which the Chi Machine can provide an effective treatment for— back aches, knee pains, blood circulation problems, stroke recovery, and many other ailments---lymphedema is a condition not commonly associated with some of the ailments just mentioned.  Part of the reason is that the symptoms of lymphedema are not always easily recognizable, or they might be mistaken for something else. 

Lymphedema can result after a mastectomy, or from surgeries that occur around the legs.  It is basically a lymphatic flow that can result with swelling in the legs, calves, and feet.  If left untreated, susceptibility to a serious infection can occur.  Quite truthfully, there are no effective medical treatments to heal lymphedema.  There are therapies available to keep it from worsening such as using compression treatment or wraps.  Generally, it’s a condition that can be managed with these treatments but none can effectively heal it. 

The use of the Chi Machine can be a useful device in coping with lymphedema with a lymphatic massage which provides blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body.  The treatment which the Chi Machine provides can reduce the pain associated with swelling around the ankles and feet, and allow the user to resume normal activities.  Through the oscillation process, blood circulation improves and can reduce the swelling in the legs. 

Although the Chi Machine has been effective in treating lymphedema, it can also be effective during brain surgery recovery and other types of ailments that can cause lymphedema.  The machine not only focuses on one specific area at a time but it also can treat other symptoms from other ailments which can include depression, pain in your joints, and back problems.  By lying flat on your back and placing your ankles in the ankle cradle, the therapeutic oscillation begins from a few minutes a day and increasing to several uses a day.  Here is a testimonial from a user sharing how effective the Chi Machine is in treating the lymphatic system.


I'm so happy to have the Chi Machine in my life.  My family and friends have experienced wonderful benefits and awesome results.  I've shared the Chi Machine with my clients who are doing the 9 to 5, kids, and busy life just like you and I.  What I've discovered is that put them on the Chi Machine for 3-5 minutes before the session, it brings them to the relaxing state of Alpha, circulates the cerebral spinal fluid, and stimulates the lymphatic system, therefore allowing my work to benefit them deeply.

Connie Stoner,
Massage Therapist,
St. Paul, MN.