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I was so inspired when I heard the healing story of Joffrion's mother that I was anxious to try the CHI MACHINE on my mama who has been suffering with emphysema, (COPD) for several years. Some days she had been dependent on the wheelchair even to move from room to room in her house while using continuous nasal oxygen. Even then, she exhibited labored breathing almost constantly. After only one minute on the CHI MACHINE, I noticed a dramatic difference in her breathing. During the rest period while she was still lying on the floor, I could hardly believe how much slower and effortless her breathing was. She was so quiet that I found myself staring to see if she was still breaming. Prior to the CHI MACHINE, she had not been attending church regularly because of the constant coughing and the effort it took to get in and out of the vehicle, struggling with humidity, etc.

The first Sunday after starting the CHI MACHINE, she attended Mass. Not only did she sit in the pew instead of the wheelchair in the aisle, but she also walked up the aisle to receive Communion. Within the first week, I looked out and saw her with a garden hose in her hand rinsing off the carport until noon. She had previously been unable to tolerate the humidity just getting in and out of the house to get to her vehicle. It had been years since I had seen mama doing that kind of activity. The second week she told me she had actually gone an entire day without coughing. Prior to this she had been plagued with continuous coughing and frequent bouts of strangulating episodes from mucus that was continuously forming in her lungs and sinuses. Her improvement was dramatic! Later she traveled with her husband to Biloxi in their motor home and stayed overnight at Beau Rivage! Also mama's sleep is now so much deeper and more restful— all due to the benefits of the CHI MACHINE!

Linda Pellegrin Porche, Chauvin, LA.