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Chi Machine Benefits

It’s almost impossible in today’s world to not be bombarded with a multitude of TV or magazine ads promoting the next best diet or a physical fitness program to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and avert heart disease.  There are numerous diets and “experts” who seem to know what’s best for us.  But why should someone tell us what’s best for a healthier lifestyle?  Well, the truth may be because our bodies are more sedentary in this technologically efficient society.  What do we tell our bodies when we can now order fine restaurant food online for home delivery without having to step out of the house?  We have less reason to walk! 
Undoubtedly, most health professionals encourage everyone to walk in order to live a healthier lifestyle.  But not everyone can walk.  For those who cannot walk for whatever reason, the Chi Machine has benefited many who have used it.  According to Nathan L. Lipton, M.D. from Richardson, Texas, 15 minutes of using the Chi Machine is the equivalent of taking a brisk walk for 90 minutes.  The Chi Machine has proven to be effective in managing diabetes.  With increased blood circulation and oxygenation caused by using the machine, poor circulation in legs and other circulatory problems associated with diabetes can be alleviated.  With the increased benefits of blood circulation and oxygenation, the body benefits from lower blood sugar naturally.  The following testimonial gives a good glimpse of how beneficial the Chi Machine has been to a diabetic.


My name is David L. Greer. I am 55 years old, married to my wonderful wife Nellie and have two wonderful sons, Keith and Brian. I have been self-employed all my life, except for the time I was in the service. I have had diabetes for over ten years. I went through the same problems as most diabetics do which include, lack of circulation in the legs and neuropathy cramping of the muscles in the legs and feet. The feet are the worst when they cramp up in the arch of the foot.  You’ve never felt such pain in your life.

In the fall of 1998, I scratched the front of my right leg on a rose bush while cleaning up in the yard. This little scratch became infected even though I cleaned and disinfected it. It wouldn't heal; it just kept getting more infected. When it seemed to me that it wasn't healing, I went to a doctor. The recommendation was to treat it with an antibiotic cream. This went on for four months. I returned to the doctor every day to have the bandages removed, the wound cleaned, and fresh bandages applied. When the doctor felt he couldn't do anything more for me, he referred me to a “wound center”; many of the patients treated here are diabetics with wounds. After a year, the wound had just gotten bigger and deeper down to the bone.  It began to smell from gangrene. The doctor there told me that there was nothing else they could do to help this heal. They advised me that the next step was to amputate the leg. Of course, I didn't want this to happen because once the doctors start cutting they don't stop. They continued to call the house for me to

make arrangements to  go to the hospital. I decided I didn't want to go through all that. So I asked God for help, but I was preparing to meet him. I guess the Lord God in his wisdom had other plans for me.

This is what happened. A friend told my wife about a new machine that might help me. Nellie began reading about the Chi Machine. Our friend offered to loan us their machine to try it. Nellie came home with the machine and told me to go on it at least three or four times a day for five minutes. Of course, I looked at this stupid machine and wasn't very impressed; in fact I didn't want any part of it. She insisted and I went on it three times a day for seven days. On the seventh day I got off the machine and my right leg started itching. That may not sound like much to you, but I hadn't had any feeling in my right leg for a long time. I unwrapped the wound and saw that it was all scabbed over and it started to heal. Today - as I am writing this - it almost sounds biblical. It's a year later now and my leg is completely healed and I have no more cramps in my feet. As far as I am concerned, the Chi Machine saved my life.

David L. Greer