Everybody Needs a Chi Machine!

Everybody Needs a Chi Machine!

By Joffrion Mitts


I bought my Chi Machine in 2000 when I was 50 years old. I have used my Chi Machine every day, twice a day, for 11 years, and I have personally sold over 1,000 Chi Machines during that time. That’s why I am known as “The Chi Queen.”

I am a “baby boomer,” and most of the people I have sold Chi Machines to are “baby boomers.” A majority of the people in my age group, including myself, have a desire to live a long and healthy life. We do not want to end up like our parents on pharmaceutical drugs with a poor quality of life. (Of course my mother has a better quality of life than most others her age because she uses the wonderful Chi Machine twice a day every day!)

The youngest person I have put on the Chi Machine is 16 months old. As soon as a child’s legs are long enough to reach the Chi Machine, they can use it by themselves. A baby can lie on his or her mom or dad’s chest and take a ride. If a baby is fussy, he or she will usually fall into a sweet blissful sleep on the parent’s chest. If a small child is happy, he or she will giggle and smile when riding on the parent’s chest. Students of all ages will have better clarity and concentration when using the Chi Machine before going to school or studying at home.

The Chi Machine allows people of all ages with any health problem to have a better quality of life and possibly heal themselves because of the oxygen therapy. The oldest person I have sold a Chi Machine to is now 101 years old! She bought her Chi Machine when she was 91 because she had a bad knee. Her knee healed and today she enjoys using the Chi Machine every day. Everybody needs a Chi Machine!!!

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