Chi Machine President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts Attends HTE Canada 10th Anniversary Convention

Chi Machine President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts attends HTE Canada 10th Anniversary convention

Hsin Ten Enterprise (HTE) celebrates its 10th year in Canada with a three-day gathering in Niagara Falls

HTE President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts recently returned to New Orleans after spending three days in Niagara Falls, Canada discussing HTE’s healing technologies at HTE Canada’s 10th Anniversary meeting.


The Niagara convention featured speakers Dr. Pablo Betancourt and Dr. Justo S. Cabriales, two surgeons who utilize the Chi Machine, the HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome), and the E-Power with their own patients at their hospital in Mexico. The two surgeons shared stories of their own successes using these products, including using them to aid in the rehabilitation of recent amputees and to prevent amputation and knee replacement surgery in other patients.


Mitts, who has been distributing Chi Machines since 2000, is well aware of their healing abilities—she has seen it work wonders within her own family.  She explained: “After my mother had a brain tumor removed in 1996, she suffered from a number of subsequent health complications that caused her personality to all but disappear.  Her doctors said she would never recover . . . but four years later, when I discovered the Chi Machine, I convinced her to try it out. Within eight months her health—and her personality—had come back. Her doctors were astounded.”


Originally invented by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a medical doctor in Japan, in the mid-20th Century, the Chi Machine moves the body in a figure-eight motion designed to allow air to circulate more freely through the body. This increased circulation allows the body to heal itself more efficiently, relaxes muscles, and brings the body into balance. It can also help to lower blood sugar levels, making it useful for those with diabetes.


Mitts herself has been using her Chi Machine twice a day every day for the past eleven years and brings it with her everywhere she goes. “Until I discovered the Chi Machine, my circulation was terrible, to the point that my lower legs and toes were permanently achy,” said Mitts. “I haven’t felt that discomfort for a single day since I started using the Chi Machine—it has completely improved my quality of life.”

Joffrion Mitts is a New Orleans-based President Level Distributor for HTE. You can find more information about the Chi Machine and other HTE products at her website, The Chi Machine comes with a 14-day money back guarantee for all customers.

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