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My Mothers Miracle Chi Machine Story Continues

My Mother’s Miracle Chi Machine Story Continues

By Joffrion Mitts

In my first blog I told you what an extraordinary difference the Chi Machine has made in the quality of my life. Simply put, the Chi Machine has allowed me to have good circulation in my lower legs and feet instead of poor circulation which I had for the previous fifty years!

In 1996 my mother had a brain tumor removed. Two weeks after the brain surgery, blood clots destroyed a whole lung and a half of her other lung. The doctors insisted her brain cells and lung cells could not rejuvenate. For four years after surgery they were right. My mother had a poor quality of life. She did not initiate conversation and did not have her personality any more. In the summer of 2000 I bought a Chi Machine and let my mother try it. She purchased a Chi Machine, and eight months later her brain cells rejuvenated to the point that her personality returned. Wow! For more information and a look at my mother’s MRI, click on “About Us” on my website:

My mother has been using her Chi Machine every day for eleven years. Mama uses the Chi Machine twice a day for twelve minutes each session. Today she is 87! Fifteen years ago the doctor gave my mother no chance at recovery. She developed congestive heart failure and diabetes. She also has atrial fibrillation, a heart condition. The Chi Machine took the air my mother breathed in and moved oxygenated blood to her brain cells and lung cells. The Chi Machine moves my mother like a goldfish, and that movement takes the fluids from around her heart and lungs and moves them out. She drinks water after using the Chi Machine, and those fluids are eliminated from the body.

The Chi Machine also allows my mother to lower her blood sugar at least 20 points on those special occasions when she eats something that causes her blood sugar to shoot up. If necessary she will go two sessions on the Chi Machine. Over the last few years my mother has had apparent pin-point strokes in her brain that cause her to become disoriented and unable to speak coherently. She gets on the Chi Machine for twelve minutes and she is fine!

My mother is an avid reader, enjoys playing bridge and classical piano, and leads an active life. In September she went to Georgia for her granddaughter’s wedding. She enjoyed the wedding and the events leading up to and after the wedding. Of course she traveled with the Chi Machine. In August she was at the beach as host for her children and grandchildren and other relatives and friends for two weeks! In other words the Chi Machine has allowed my mother to have a very good quality of life for the past eleven years! To be able to get oxygenated blood to every cell in her body especially her brain allows her to stay sharp and have the energy to do what she wants to. The Chi Machine also detoxes so it allows her to get the residuals from her medications out of her system which keeps her from having foggy brain and lack of energy.

Eleven years ago my mother got her life back because of the Chi Machine—and the good life continues!!