The Chi Machine Has Greatly Improved My Circulation


My Personal Story

By Joffrion Mitts

I have had my Chi Machine for 11 years! How do I feel? Great! I use my Chi Machine twice a day, every day. I travel with my Chi Machine everywhere. I take it in the car, on a cruise, and on a plane. I bought the Chi Machine 11 years ago because I have poor circulation. The Chi Machine allows me to have good circulation! How? I lie down on the floor or the bed and put my ankles on the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine moves my ankles back and forth. I do nothing but lie down and relax. This movement allows my body to move gently in a perfect figure eight pattern up my body like a goldfish. Moving like a goldfish takes the air I am breathing in and circulates it to every cell in my body. I am totally oxygenated with my own air! The oxygenated blood flowing through my lower legs and feet allows me to have good circulation!

I use to have achy legs, purplish toes, and cold feet. When my feet were cold, the rest of me was also cold. I would have to wear a sweater in a movie theater or in the mall. Not any more! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with a cramp in my leg—that was very painful! Sometimes I would have restless leg. Not any more! I taught school for 24 years. After one minute of standing up, it felt like pins were sticking in my legs. I would have to shift my weight from one leg to the other and move a few steps this way and that in order to get comfortable. I would have to move my legs often even when I was sitting down. At the end of the school day, I was always very tired. I retired from teaching before I got the Chi Machine, but if I had one back then, I would have used it when I got home from work to relieve the stress and to reenergize so that I could enjoy the evening. The word “Chi” means energy. To get on the Chi Machine when you are tired feels like exercising and taking a nap at the same time!

I use the Chi Machine for 8 minutes every day before breakfast and I am energized for the whole day! No coffee needed! If I have had a busy day and I’m going out in the evening, I get on the Chi Machine for 6 minutes to rest and rejuvenate. I use the Chi Machine every night before I go to bed. The Chi Machine is very relaxing and takes me to a deeper sleep.

My mother uses the Chi Machine twice a day for 12 minutes. The amount of time each person uses the Chi Machine has nothing to do with age or physical condition. It has to do with what feels good to you! You start with just 3 minutes and work up a minute at a time. The Chi Machine moves the lymphatic fluids and the spinal fluids, so if you feel any light-headedness, dizziness, achiness, or stiffness, cut back. Drinking water before and after using the Chi Machine allows the body to detox. Even after 11 years of using the Chi Machine, if I go 10 minutes non-stop on the Chi Machine, my legs feel stiff as if I had gone to the gym and worked out—that is not what you want to feel. The Chi Machine is about total relaxation and bliss. The Chi Machine allows oxygenated blood to circulate throughout the body, and oxygen heals!

The Chi Machine is a very effective form of Oxygen Therapy that the whole family can use it for years to come.

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