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Welcome To The Chi Machine Blog

Welcome to the Chi Machine blog.  We will be posting articles, news, thoughts, and anything else related to the Chi Machine, HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome), SOQI Bed, Advanced ERE, E-Power, and any other product we have that provide oxygen therapy.  Our product line of Chi Machines and other oxygenation products help give relief from many ailments and assist in treatment and healing the body.  Please view our Testimonials to see how the Chi Machine and other products have helped our customers over the years.

Contact Joffrion Mitts, New Orleans Chi Machine Distributor, today to discuss details of our amazing solutions to so many ailments.  The Chi Machine, HotHouse Far Infrared Dome, SOQI Bed, Advanced ERE, and E-Power have helped so many improve their quality of life and to regain independence.  Please call Joffrion today.