Everybody Needs a Chi Machine!

Everybody Needs a Chi Machine!

By Joffrion Mitts


I bought my Chi Machine in 2000 when I was 50 years old. I have used my Chi Machine every day, twice a day, for 11 years, and I have personally sold over 1,000 Chi Machines during that time. That’s why I am known as “The Chi Queen.”

I am a “baby boomer,” and most of the people I have sold Chi Machines to are “baby boomers.” A majority of the people in my age group, including myself, have a desire to live a long and healthy life. We do not want to end up like our parents on pharmaceutical drugs with a poor quality of life. (Of course my mother has a better quality of life than most others her age because she uses the wonderful Chi Machine twice a day every day!)

The youngest person I have put on the Chi Machine is 16 months old. As soon as a child’s legs are long enough to reach the Chi Machine, they can use it by themselves. A baby can lie on his or her mom or dad’s chest and take a ride. If a baby is fussy, he or she will usually fall into a sweet blissful sleep on the parent’s chest. If a small child is happy, he or she will giggle and smile when riding on the parent’s chest. Students of all ages will have better clarity and concentration when using the Chi Machine before going to school or studying at home.

The Chi Machine allows people of all ages with any health problem to have a better quality of life and possibly heal themselves because of the oxygen therapy. The oldest person I have sold a Chi Machine to is now 101 years old! She bought her Chi Machine when she was 91 because she had a bad knee. Her knee healed and today she enjoys using the Chi Machine every day. Everybody needs a Chi Machine!!!

Chi Machine at the Savannah Marathon

Chi Machine at the Savannah Marathon

By Joffrion Mitts

Last weekend my sister, Janie, completed her 25th marathon event in Savannah, GA, with our sister, Chandler, and me cheering her on. Over the last 10 years Janie has completed 12 full and 13 half marathons, a 100 mile bike ride, and a triathlon! Janie has used her Chi Machine in training and travels with the Chi Machine to each event. She has participated in marathons in Alaska, Bermuda, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, Houston, and Disney World, just to name a few places.

Janie gets on the Chi Machine for 12 minutes at 5 a.m. before the marathon in order to get in a meditative state and to get focused for the event. The movement of the Chi Machine takes oxygenated blood to every cell in her body, which gives her more energy! When Janie returns to the hotel after the event, she takes a shower and gets on the Chi Machine for 20 minutes.

The movement of the Chi Machine takes the lactic acid out of the muscles which relieves the soreness and achiness! While many other marathon participants are limping around that evening and the next day, Janie is ready to go out and have fun! When Janie gets off the Chi Machine after the event, she says, “Wow! I feel so much better!”


Chi Machine President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts Attends HTE Canada 10th Anniversary Convention

Chi Machine President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts attends HTE Canada 10th Anniversary convention

Hsin Ten Enterprise (HTE) celebrates its 10th year in Canada with a three-day gathering in Niagara Falls

HTE President Level Distributor Joffrion Mitts recently returned to New Orleans after spending three days in Niagara Falls, Canada discussing HTE’s healing technologies at HTE Canada’s 10th Anniversary meeting.


The Niagara convention featured speakers Dr. Pablo Betancourt and Dr. Justo S. Cabriales, two surgeons who utilize the Chi Machine, the HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome), and the E-Power with their own patients at their hospital in Mexico. The two surgeons shared stories of their own successes using these products, including using them to aid in the rehabilitation of recent amputees and to prevent amputation and knee replacement surgery in other patients.


Mitts, who has been distributing Chi Machines since 2000, is well aware of their healing abilities—she has seen it work wonders within her own family.  She explained: “After my mother had a brain tumor removed in 1996, she suffered from a number of subsequent health complications that caused her personality to all but disappear.  Her doctors said she would never recover . . . but four years later, when I discovered the Chi Machine, I convinced her to try it out. Within eight months her health—and her personality—had come back. Her doctors were astounded.”


Originally invented by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a medical doctor in Japan, in the mid-20th Century, the Chi Machine moves the body in a figure-eight motion designed to allow air to circulate more freely through the body. This increased circulation allows the body to heal itself more efficiently, relaxes muscles, and brings the body into balance. It can also help to lower blood sugar levels, making it useful for those with diabetes.


Mitts herself has been using her Chi Machine twice a day every day for the past eleven years and brings it with her everywhere she goes. “Until I discovered the Chi Machine, my circulation was terrible, to the point that my lower legs and toes were permanently achy,” said Mitts. “I haven’t felt that discomfort for a single day since I started using the Chi Machine—it has completely improved my quality of life.”

Joffrion Mitts is a New Orleans-based President Level Distributor for HTE. You can find more information about the Chi Machine and other HTE products at her website, www.chimachineforyourhealth.com. The Chi Machine comes with a 14-day money back guarantee for all customers.

My Mothers Miracle Chi Machine Story Continues

My Mother’s Miracle Chi Machine Story Continues

By Joffrion Mitts

In my first blog I told you what an extraordinary difference the Chi Machine has made in the quality of my life. Simply put, the Chi Machine has allowed me to have good circulation in my lower legs and feet instead of poor circulation which I had for the previous fifty years!

In 1996 my mother had a brain tumor removed. Two weeks after the brain surgery, blood clots destroyed a whole lung and a half of her other lung. The doctors insisted her brain cells and lung cells could not rejuvenate. For four years after surgery they were right. My mother had a poor quality of life. She did not initiate conversation and did not have her personality any more. In the summer of 2000 I bought a Chi Machine and let my mother try it. She purchased a Chi Machine, and eight months later her brain cells rejuvenated to the point that her personality returned. Wow! For more information and a look at my mother’s MRI, click on “About Us” on my website: www.chimachineforyourhealth.com.

My mother has been using her Chi Machine every day for eleven years. Mama uses the Chi Machine twice a day for twelve minutes each session. Today she is 87! Fifteen years ago the doctor gave my mother no chance at recovery. She developed congestive heart failure and diabetes. She also has atrial fibrillation, a heart condition. The Chi Machine took the air my mother breathed in and moved oxygenated blood to her brain cells and lung cells. The Chi Machine moves my mother like a goldfish, and that movement takes the fluids from around her heart and lungs and moves them out. She drinks water after using the Chi Machine, and those fluids are eliminated from the body.

The Chi Machine also allows my mother to lower her blood sugar at least 20 points on those special occasions when she eats something that causes her blood sugar to shoot up. If necessary she will go two sessions on the Chi Machine. Over the last few years my mother has had apparent pin-point strokes in her brain that cause her to become disoriented and unable to speak coherently. She gets on the Chi Machine for twelve minutes and she is fine!

My mother is an avid reader, enjoys playing bridge and classical piano, and leads an active life. In September she went to Georgia for her granddaughter’s wedding. She enjoyed the wedding and the events leading up to and after the wedding. Of course she traveled with the Chi Machine. In August she was at the beach as host for her children and grandchildren and other relatives and friends for two weeks! In other words the Chi Machine has allowed my mother to have a very good quality of life for the past eleven years! To be able to get oxygenated blood to every cell in her body especially her brain allows her to stay sharp and have the energy to do what she wants to. The Chi Machine also detoxes so it allows her to get the residuals from her medications out of her system which keeps her from having foggy brain and lack of energy.

Eleven years ago my mother got her life back because of the Chi Machine—and the good life continues!!


The Chi Machine Has Greatly Improved My Circulation


My Personal Story

By Joffrion Mitts

I have had my Chi Machine for 11 years! How do I feel? Great! I use my Chi Machine twice a day, every day. I travel with my Chi Machine everywhere. I take it in the car, on a cruise, and on a plane. I bought the Chi Machine 11 years ago because I have poor circulation. The Chi Machine allows me to have good circulation! How? I lie down on the floor or the bed and put my ankles on the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine moves my ankles back and forth. I do nothing but lie down and relax. This movement allows my body to move gently in a perfect figure eight pattern up my body like a goldfish. Moving like a goldfish takes the air I am breathing in and circulates it to every cell in my body. I am totally oxygenated with my own air! The oxygenated blood flowing through my lower legs and feet allows me to have good circulation!

I use to have achy legs, purplish toes, and cold feet. When my feet were cold, the rest of me was also cold. I would have to wear a sweater in a movie theater or in the mall. Not any more! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with a cramp in my leg—that was very painful! Sometimes I would have restless leg. Not any more! I taught school for 24 years. After one minute of standing up, it felt like pins were sticking in my legs. I would have to shift my weight from one leg to the other and move a few steps this way and that in order to get comfortable. I would have to move my legs often even when I was sitting down. At the end of the school day, I was always very tired. I retired from teaching before I got the Chi Machine, but if I had one back then, I would have used it when I got home from work to relieve the stress and to reenergize so that I could enjoy the evening. The word “Chi” means energy. To get on the Chi Machine when you are tired feels like exercising and taking a nap at the same time!

I use the Chi Machine for 8 minutes every day before breakfast and I am energized for the whole day! No coffee needed! If I have had a busy day and I’m going out in the evening, I get on the Chi Machine for 6 minutes to rest and rejuvenate. I use the Chi Machine every night before I go to bed. The Chi Machine is very relaxing and takes me to a deeper sleep.

My mother uses the Chi Machine twice a day for 12 minutes. The amount of time each person uses the Chi Machine has nothing to do with age or physical condition. It has to do with what feels good to you! You start with just 3 minutes and work up a minute at a time. The Chi Machine moves the lymphatic fluids and the spinal fluids, so if you feel any light-headedness, dizziness, achiness, or stiffness, cut back. Drinking water before and after using the Chi Machine allows the body to detox. Even after 11 years of using the Chi Machine, if I go 10 minutes non-stop on the Chi Machine, my legs feel stiff as if I had gone to the gym and worked out—that is not what you want to feel. The Chi Machine is about total relaxation and bliss. The Chi Machine allows oxygenated blood to circulate throughout the body, and oxygen heals!

The Chi Machine is a very effective form of Oxygen Therapy that the whole family can use it for years to come.

New Orleans Chi Machine Distributor Visits National HTE Conference

Chi Machine Distributor, Joffrion Mitts, Represents New Orleans at the HTE Chi Machine Conference in Los Angeles

The Hsin Ten Enterprise (HTE) Conference convened in Los Angeles last month, giving many distributors of the Chi Machine from the United States, Canada, and Mexico the opportunity to meet together to discuss their successes in introducing and selling the Chi Machine to many new clients.

Joffrion Mitts, New Orleans Chi Machine Distributor for HTE

Joffrion Mitts, New Orleans Chi Machine Distributor for HTE

“There’s a general awareness that oxygen is the answer to healing.”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

The original Chi Machine was developed over 50 years ago in Japan by a doctor named Shizuo Inoue. In 1990, HTE bought the rights to the Chi Machine and there have been over 5 million sold worldwide. Among those who attended the conference was Joffrion Mitts, President Level Distributor of Chi Machines in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Mitts first experienced using the Chi Machine over 10 years ago and has attested to its many benefits. This experience led her to become a distributor of the machine in the Greater New Orleans area and within the past 10 years she has sold over 1,000 Chi Machines locally.

In addition to regional distributors speaking about their success in finding new clients, there were also many testimonials at the conference about the many health benefits gained from using the Chi Machine. The most important factor that has made the Chi Machine successful is the oxygen therapy it provides. According to Ms. Mitts, “There’s a general awareness that oxygen is the answer to healing.” She mentioned that in many parts of the world, “oxygen bars” have become popular in such places as airports because of the relief they provide in overcoming fatigue and tiredness.

Following the conference, the HTE distributors boarded the Norwegian Star for a wonderful one week cruise to Alaska.

The Chi Machine
Oxygen therapy, which is used to enhance the circulation of oxygen throughout your body, has proven to be a safer and more effective process in re-energizing your body than with high energy drinks. Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running, walking, and swimming have long been the most recommended exercises for oxygen therapy. However, a machine known as the Chi Machine, invented 50 years ago, has proven to be a safe alternative to exercise for oxygen therapy. Although the Chi Machine was invented many decades ago, it is still not a machine that is familiar to many. Many who have discovered the Chi Machine have experienced remarkable improvements in their well-being including relieving symptoms for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, leg pain, back pain, asthma, strokes, and many more.

While inhaling oxygen may offer temporary relief, consistent uses of the Chi Machine can offer long term benefits. It’s not uncommon to hear testimonials from people who had given up walking because of poor blood circulation in the legs and can now walk very long distances without feeling tired. The Chi Machine makes this possible with the individual lying flat on his or her back and placing the ankles on ankle slots that move the body in a figure 8 pattern. It is generally recommended that a new user of the Chi Machine start using it for three minutes. Five minutes on the Chi Machine is equal to taking a brisk walk for 15 minutes. The user can gradually build up to using it for 20 minutes for maximum benefits. Many users who have used the machine consistently attest to their vastly improved physical well-being after using the Chi Machine consistently. The Chi Machine has a 14 day money back guarantee.

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