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My name is Jim Canada and my age is 84. Twenty years ago I began looking for things that hopefully would make my golden years more bearable and lengthy.

In recent years however, my health had declined. I had been to two orthopedic surgeons and two chiropractors plus an acupuncturist. They all advised me the discs in my back were badly worn, that I had bone spurs and arthritis and that an operation was the only way out. In addition to the above, my legs had suddenly quit functioning well; they were tired all the time. I had stopped playing golf two years ago and had also decided to give up gardening - my two favorite hobbies. We had to install a hand rail for the first three steps going up to the front porch. I had arthritis in both knees and in my left shoulder joint.

In November of 2003 I was introduced to the Chi Machine by Dr. Steven Novil. Upon his recommendation I placed an order for the Chi Machine and it arrived November 9. After using the Chi Machine twice daily in 15 minute sessions, the following things happened: my left shoulder was the first thing that responded to the machine. It now has a full range of motion. My back has improved to the point where I don't even think of an operation. My knees are bearable. Today, I can go up the steps two at a time. Last week I made a call on one of the local health spas and I had to climb two sets of steps which had eight landings.
When people guess my age, it is usually in the sixties. I am so grateful for the Chi Machine.

-- Jim Canada