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Six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Shurmur at Vanderbuilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. I've tried all the medications for MS and I had severe reactions to all of them.

For the last 21/2 years I have had a headache and a swishing sound in my ears. This was 24 hours a day. My neurologist told me that it was caused by the myelin being eaten away from the nerve. He said nothing could be done, but after just two days on the Chi machine my headache was gone and the swishing sound in my ears was totally gone too!

I was taking sleeping pills and pain pills nightly, but still waking 3-4 times. After using the Chi machine for 3 weeks I'm sleeping the entire night without sleeping pills and having very little pain.
I very seldom take pain medication now and my energy level is much higher throughout the day.
The optic nerve in my right eye has been damaged from the M.S. but with the Chi Machine my sight is slowly returning.

I thank God that I was introduced to the Chi Machine. It has given me a much better quality of life.

Peggy Sebring Tennessee