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Chi Machine helps recovery of brain surgery
My introduction to the Chi Machine was totally providential. I ...
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Cancer and a HotHouse

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Back and Knee Problems

Chi Machine Helps With Back and Knee ...
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Must Read Testimonials
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Meet President Joffrion Mitts

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An Exciting Home Business
A Wonderful Business Opportunity
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From The President Of

I have a poster in my bedroom, which has been an inspiration to me for years, "Success Is A Journey- Not A Destination." I see it every morning when I awake. My Chi journey began when I first heard about the Chi Machine in July of 2000. I bought it sight unseen because I had poor circulation in my lower legs my entire life. I stood up teaching for 24 years! Looking back I don't know how I did it. Today because of the Chi Machine I have no more achy legs, cold feet, or purplish toes. I have pink toes and a lot more energy!

Also, my mother had brain tumor surgery seven years ago, and two weeks after the surgery blood clots blew out a whole lung and half of her other lung. It was a miracle she lived. For four years it was impossible for her to exercise. She also developed congestive heart failure and diabetes. The doctors gave no hope of her getting better. After using The Chi Machine for just eight months, her brain cells rejuvenated and her personality came back! Today she does not have congestive heart failure and her lungs are back to normal because of the Chi Machine! Her blood sugar is also under control. She can even drive again! My mother has her life back because of the Chi Machine!

When my mother's personality came back, I realized I could be successful selling Chi Machines. After all, what kind of person would I be not to share this miracle machine with everyone, especially those with chronic conditions? I decided to purchase extra machines to lend out and have some on hand for immediate sale. I set a personal goal to earn a free Chi Machine each month through the Jump Start Program. So far I have earned over Twenty-five Chi Machines and one HotHouses! I encourage and support those in my group to do the same. I don't give up when someone says, “No thanks." I believe everyone will buy one eventually. It took my best friend ten months to get a Chi Machine. A good friend of my sister took two years and ten months. I have had my Chi Machine for four years, and my brother does not have one yet. Will he get one? Of course! I was not on the fast track to President, but from day one my goal was to become President. I wrote on sheets of paper “I am a Manager" and put them in my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. I simply persevered and earned a free Chi Machine each month. In 2001, I became Manager. In 2002, I became Vice President, and in June 2003, I became President-Level Distributor! When I was Vice President, I got on the Chi Machine twice a day, everyday and I said over and over," I am a President Level Distributor with HTE."

The most important and satisfying thing for me is helping others to have a better quality of life. I also enjoy the residual income, which comes from my group, especially my four Managers. My strength is "One-on-One." I spend an average of one and a half hours with each person I lend a Chi Machine to. I get to know the person, tell her/him about the Chi Machine, and demonstrate how to use it. I'm in present time with no interruptions on my part. It takes a lot of my energy, but it is worth the effort. Sometimes "I get knocked down, but I get up again" as the song goes. It is very important to have fun! I have had a monthly newsletter for over two years; now it's quarterly. I stay in touch with people who have Chi Machines and that increases my chances of getting referrals, which is where most of my business comes from. I also host a "Health Matters" workshop with a guest speaker every six months where all my new Chi friends can come and invite their friends. We have a "tea party" following the workshop so everyone can get to know each other. I do trade shows and some advertising, but most of my business comes from referrals.

I whole-heartedly believe that everyone needs a Chi Machine. The secret to my success is that I love my Chi Machine, and I let everyone know it.

Joffrion Mitts