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Chi Machine helps recovery of brain surgery
My introduction to the Chi Machine was totally providential. I ...
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Cancer and a HotHouse

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Back and Knee Problems

Chi Machine Helps With Back and Knee ...
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Must Read Testimonials
Read about more AMAZING testimonials on how HTE ...
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Meet President Joffrion Mitts

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An Exciting Home Business
A Wonderful Business Opportunity
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A Wonderful Business Opportunity

In my opinion, HSIN TEN ENTERPRISE, USA is the best opportunity out there. HSIN TEN means “health and prosperity.” Is health ever going out of style? No. HTE is a 20 year old company with offices worldwide and millions in sales. Making money is good, but it feels really good to help someone with a health problem have a better quality of life. In HTE my first priority is helping people, and then the money comes.

HTE has a good compensation plan. Distributors are not required to be on autoship, and there are no monthly quotas. After your purchase of one Chi Machine (or another device), you are not required to purchase anything else in order to receive commissions on your sales—Wow! Once you reach a certain distributor level in the company, you are not going to lose it just because you didn’t reach a certain monthly volume—Wow!

I joined HTE in July of 2000. In June of 2003, I became a President Level Distributor after sharing the awesome Chi Machine with lots of people. By August 2005, I had been increasing my sales steadily and building my organization for 5 years. Then Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Of course my business came to stop like everyone else’s business in New Orleans. It took 2 years to build my business back to the point where it was before the storm. I remained a President Level Distributor during months of no sales. Today I am proud to be a distributor for HTE, USA!

If you are looking for a rewarding home-based business opportunity where you can help others and work with someone who will encourage you and support you, you can call me, Joffrion at 504-897-9670.