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Testimonial ... Nothing Speaks Louder Than Experience

In May 2006, Jean Williams of Winnipeg,Manitoba,was told that she had advanced cancer. In Nov. 2006, Jean is cancer free and this is her story.

Back in May, following 4 days of lower abdominal pain and progressing to an episode of acute abdominal pain,nausea,vomiting and bloating, Jean had to undergo an active investigation in an Acute Care Hospital. A CT Scan revealed a large pelvic mass,which was thought to be an ovarian cancer and multiple pulmonary nodules were present bilateral. This is most consistent with metastasis.There was also adefect in her left kidney.This information was taken direcly from reports from the Hospital and Cancer Care.

Jean was sent home with a long acting analgesic and with Percocet 10mgms for breakthrough pain. The wait for Cancer care and the Treatment Plan began. After waiting for one month, we decided we could not wait any longer and do nothing, so the Alternative Therapies were to begin.

Up to this time, Jean gave up her job as a school bus driver since bouncing about and sitting caused her pain, and a short walk resulted in a feeling of lower abdominal pressure and pain as well. She had trouble sleeping and needed pain medication. I was inspired by the testimonial of Stacey Sprenkle and her story of breast cancer, with the use of the HTE medical devices.

Jean was put to bed in my home and two far infrared domes were placed over her chest and abdomen for 24hrs. Her blood pressure, pulse and respirations were monitored by me and were stable. She got up only to go to the bathroom. Jean had her meals in bed and drank lots of fluids. Just 5 days after this period Jean never took another analgesic as there was no more pain.

While lying under these HotHouses, my good friend Karen Foster and I talked to Jean about a Herbal regimen and Dr.Johanna Budwig's anti cancer diet. The purpose was to change her internal environment to make her body hostile for cancer growth. Jean is a naturally positive person with a fine sense of humour, and so also introducing positive thinking and visualization was easy for her. We made a phone call to Calgary and Jean spoke to another Cancer Survivor. Our Alternative plan was put into place.

Five days later, Jean started on her Herbal Plan and the anti cancer diet. [This was followed very diligently for 30 days and modified at Jean's request.] Jean continued on using the HotHouse for 1 hour each morning and 1 hour in bed at night. The Chi machine was used twice daily for increasing her oxygen levels and other benefits. In addition,she used the ERE for 10 mins twice daily for eradication of any

Also,our other sister Barbara, practices Traditional Native Medicine and so we arranged for the three of us to attend a SUNDANCE and another time for a NATIVE SWEAT LODGE. Jean had wonderful support from her friends and if her husband was out of town I was able to stay overnight. I was always beside her when she was under the HotHouse. We talked into the night. We all kept our positiveness even though, there was such an emotional roller coaster felt by her family, friends and siblings.

Eventually,Cancer Care did a needle biopsy of her lungs with no result and in search for a primary site for OVARIAN CANCER, Jean was scheduled for Major Abdominal surgery on Sept.28,2006. In the meantime, we saw Jean getting better and better with more endurance and energy. She was back to driving her car and returning to doing fun things like visiting her friends.

Jean had her surgery on Sept. 28th, with no cancer shown. Before her discharge she had a CT Scan. Jean’s oncologist called her on Nov.17th,2006 to say her pathology report and her CT Scan were negative.


Respectfully submitted by sister - Verna Nicolls, retired R.N.