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Chi Machine helps recovery of brain surgery
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Meet President Joffrion Mitts

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New Orleans, LA
Joffrion Mitts - Chi Machine President Level Distributor in New Orleans Sales

President Level Distributor
(504) 897-9670
Toll Free: 855-244-4968
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     HotHouse and Chi Machine Oxygen Therapy

Use BOTH the Chi Machine and the HotHouse in one session!

Detoxify & Heal with a SOQI Bed

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A Full Body Experience with
Advanced ERE™

       Advanced ERE Stimulates Oxygenation

The Advanced ERE™
stimulates the reflexology points
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      HTE SOQI Product For Oxgenation

The E-Power was designed
to provide Negative Potential Energy with High Frequency Energy
(more ATP). Children have six volts
of electrical energy. As we age, the electrical potential in the human body decreases and the reduction of electrical energy can cause illnesses. The E-Power activates the cells which will supply oxgenation, balance and revitalize you.

Rejuvenate your body!
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     Chi Machine E-Power Results

See how the E-Power can increase electrical energy in the body
so much, it can allow a person
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The Chi Machine

As our bodies begin to age, we start realizing that there are many physical activities we were once able to do that we no longer can without feeling some pain.  Many can no longer walk a couple of miles without their feet feeling pain and having to sit down at some point during the walk.  Or, some may no longer be able to go up a flight of stairs without having to catch his/her breath.  Ailments such as these might actually be symptoms of pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. Though there are therapies available in treating the many aches, pains, and poor circulation throughout our bodies, one of the most innovative therapies in treating such ailments comes from a oxygen therapy device called the Chi Machine

The Chi Machine was first developed in Japan about 50 years ago by a doctor named Shizuo Inoue.  He believed that the lack of oxygen throughout the body was the cause of many diseases that affect the human body.  The Chi Machine offers oxygen therapy by having the user lie either on the floor or on a table and then place both ankles in the ankle cradle which is attached to the box-like machine. The machine oscillates about 140 times per minute when in use.  Through the oxygenation process that takes place when the machine is being used, oxygen travels from the air and through the blood which then revitalizes the internal organs.  Although there are many skeptics in the modern medical field who question how effective the machine is, users who have used it claim numerous benefits such as relief from muscle stiffness, chronic pain, improved blood circulation, a stronger immune system, and weight-loss

One thing which is important to point out about the Chi Machine is that it’s beneficial for anyone regardless of their physical well being.  As Joffrion Mitts, President Level Distributor of the Chi Machine in the New Orleans, LA area said about the machine, “It’s great for people who can’t exercise.”  Even though a triathlete in training can benefit from its oxygen therapy, those in poor physical health can also benefit as well.  Ms. Mitts has also pointed out that a new user should start using the machine for about 3 minutes the first time, and then gradually build up by 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and longer.  This might mean that there may not be any instant results, however, the more use you make of this machine, the more evident the results will be. 

Chi Machine Testimonials

A testimonial from a Chi Machine user reveals the benefits of using the oxygenation machine for a prolonged length of time:

I have been using my Chi Machine now for two years.  I first started to use it when I was having a “bad” day.  I noticed it made all the difference in the world to my moods.  I went from crabby and negative to positive and happy.

 I also had shingles, and to this day I don’t remember any pain with those shingles – they went away quickly and I have no residual pain or problems with them.  Had I not been using the Chi Machine, I believe the outcome would’ve been much different.  Please also note that the shingles have never come back. 

Barb Trevit,
Massage Therapist, SD